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Wayne Bell

"Coloring the Big Picture"
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Ken Rich

"Connecting the Dots"

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Derek Munster

"Crafter of Pixels"

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Dr. Carole Knight

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Coloring Book Magazine

Coloring Book Magazine

"Bringing Color to you World"

Spring 2019

Coloring Book Magazine provides an exploration and celebration of coloring, music, arts and entertainment.  Here you will find articles and activities for kids, parents, artists, educators and museums. The magazine is published quarterly and distributed electronically. 
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Welcome from the Publisher!

Welcome to the spring edition of Coloring Book Magazine. We thank all the wonderful participants who helped with this edition. We listen to your feedback, suggestions, comments and look forward to hearing from you again.

The previous editions were visited by tens of thousands of readers via the internet and supported by media outlets running articles about this inclusive fun magazine. Bringing together those that color and play is what we do. Please feel free to give suggestions at any time. Our goal is to support you, the reader, and bring you interesting articles, features and news about those who love color, music and entertainment.

See you next time and looking forward to the next edition of Coloring Book Magazine.

Color and Play Well!

 Wayne Bell



We hope you find this edition of Coloring Book Magazine enticing and exciting. We especially welcome comments and ideas!
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Adults have fun, too!

Featured Artists, Organizations and Musicians all in one place.

Wayne Bell, Tony Bongiovi
Tattoos and Painting?  Meet an artist who have mastered the medium and view their amazingly realistic creations. 

Visit with a non-profit organization that “helps children cope, one coloring book at a time”.

Learn about two musicians, International Producer Tony Bongiovi and Psycho-Billy - Johnny Saint and their process of playing "outside the box."

Go to Adults have fun too section...

Just for Kids

Where Kids come to play!

Interactive coloring fun! 

Learn step by step how to draw, word search, quiz, tips from artists and of course, coloring book pages to download, as well as meeting a real artist.

Passing with Flying Colors

What are others saying?

How can coloring books promote your business in a fun and colorful way? 

Read the featured success stories here.  

Bringing It Together

Family Togetherness

Activities specifically designed for families and generations to enjoy together. 

School days, school days…no quizzes or tests here; just some fun activities in art and science that all ages can enjoy. 

Calling all educators, parents, teachers and kids:  We are already busy compiling articles for our next issue:  Coloring and Education.  How does coloring help you learn and grow?  What learning activities utilize coloring?  Share your insight and ideas with our readers!