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Passing with Flying Colors

Success Stories
Businesses and organizations of all sizes use coloring books in interesting ways...
Waldorf Astoria Hotel - Chicago Coloring Book
Waldorf Astoria Hotel - Wally Waldorf’s Chicago Adventures is a coloring book and guide book designed for children to use as a souvenir of the hotel and city of Chicago.  A playful walrus named Wally guides guests through the hotel and other Chicago attractions that they may encounter.  The last page of the book serves as a guide map on where guests can find these  attractions.

"We absolutely LOVE how the coloring book turned out – thank you again for producing such a lovely book for our young travelers." - Lori Hacker, Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Huntsville Havoc Coloring and Activity Book
What does a hockey team do with coloring books?  The Huntsville Havoc is using Really Big Coloring Books to create a great new marketing tool. The coloring book will be given out on certain nights during the season to children to introduce them to the game of hockey. The Havoc’s two mascots Chaos and Rukus headline the coloring book, showing the different aspects of the team and the sport of hockey. The Havoc will give away books to members of their Kids' Club as well, and they will visit certain schools around the Huntsville area to teach children about the sport with the coloring book.
Health First
Healthfirst is a not-for-profit managed care organization that offers low or no-cost health insurance to eligible individuals and families living in the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey.  The organization commissioned coloring books to teach children the fundamentals of health and healthy choices.  Coloring and activity books entitled “Going to the Doctor”, “Nutrition”, and “ABCs & 123s” are written in English and Spanish.  The books provide age-appropriate graphics and information to guide young people in making good choices about exercise, diet and overall wellness.  Additionally, the coloring books are a great way to pass the time in waiting rooms and ease the anxieties a young person may have about seeing the doctor.