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Tony Bongiovi - One of the most talented and biggest producers in Music History and an American Legend.

Tony Bongiovi

Founder of the famous studio Power Station NYC.

Photo Credit: Tony Bongiovi

Music industry legend Tony Bongiovi of Bongiovi Acoustics stands as a leading innovator in the music and the motion picture recording industry. Introducing new technology that improves audio quality. Entrepreneur and founder of Power Station Studio NYC (now called Avatar Studios) Bongiovi understands the principles and demands of creating success.


Over the decades Tony has and still works with some of rock’s leading names, building genres of success from heavy metal, punk, new wave, disco, rock, soul and rap. Tony was instrumental in helping the successful careers of Jon Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, The Ramones, Ozzy Osbourne, Helix, Meatloaf, Talking Heads, Millie Jackson, The Last Poets, Aldo Nova and the posthumous Jimi Hendrix – (Odds and Ends Collection) to only name a few.

Tony Bongiovi in 1977 built the world’s most famous recording studio: Power Station Studio New York City.

While many established engineers and producers thumbed their noses at the burgeoning punk movement, visionary Bongiovi worked on classic releases by two of the genre's most powerful names:  The Ramones (Leave Home and Rocket to Russia) and The Talking Heads (Talking Heads 77) and many others.

Due to its ground breaking acoustical design and engineering, the Power Station Studios in NYC became the most popular facility for artists including Aerosmith, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Miles Davis, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Sting, Barbara Streisand, Neil Young, and many famous artists to be.

These years of experience have created some of the finest recordings in the world.

Photo: Christmas Fun Pack Display
Bongiovi launched his own management company years back, Bongiovi Entertainment, Inc. while also venturing into the world of children’s entertainment such as the popular holiday Christmas Fun Pack showcasing coloring story books, audio CD’s and crayons for a younger audience. Understanding the marketplace and addressing the up and coming age group helps to build future success. Bongiovi Entertainment is offering childrens Christmas audio discs along with three (3) companion coloring books and crayons. The six audio discs are specifically designed to engage children in the coloring book stories. Cartoons are not a part of the disc, in an effort to promote creativity, engagement and learning with children and parents; these audio discs help engage the child and parent.

Christmas Fun Pack - Bongiovi Entertainment Content includes:

1. 'Twas the Night before Christmas Coloring Book
2. The Littlest Christmas Tree Coloring Book
3. Winter Wonderland Coloring Book
4. Crayola® 8 pack of crayons
5. Douglas Snowpine the Christmas Tree audio CD pack (that has six (6) audio Christmas discs.)

Wayne Bell, Tony Bongiovi with "Krush"

Tony has built a solid gold reputation due to his contribution of over 40 gold and platinum records for major recording artists industry wide. Bongiovi is a licensed pilot and also lectures at schools and major universities educating the next generation on media, arts and life’s entertainment.

Known as a firebrand, outside the box educating entrepreneur and occasionally referred to as a radical thought processor, we never know what the future holds for Tony, he’s “off the planet” with thoughts and ideas. We do know Tony understands music and sound, good food and wine makes for the ending of a great day.

To find out more visit Bongiovi's website:

Featured Musician

Johnny Saint Musician Spotlight Interview

Johnny Saint, a musician, spoke with Editor Dr. Carole Knight about his Rockabilly - Psychobilly music career.

Photo Credit: Thom Whitener

Q: How did you get started in the music business?

A: When I was young I was into the punk rock scene because there were no other psychobilly oriented youth in my area, so I was hanging out with the punk rockers. I took a punk rock drummer and a rockabilly bass player from the Hill and formed my first psychobilly band and played with a lot of punk rock bands at local shows around town. Seeing Reverend Horton Heat on TV was really what knocked my socks off. That was the thing that really got me into psychobilly when I was about 14, but it wasn’t until I was about 17 that I formed my first psychobilly band and started playing punk rock shows.  


Q: Do you have a band now that you play with?

A: I played in a 3 piece group for about 10 years. Lately I’ve been playing solo when not doing my instrumental music.


One band that I formed was Johnny Saint and the HellRazors. We played at a psychobilly festival in Anaheim, California in 2003, and that was the most psychobilly bands I ever played with. It was really a fun experience. Another band was Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell.


Q: Please describe your style of music.

A: I play guitar and sing. My Solo projects, when I play solo projects, quite often I’m pretty Rockabilly centered, because I play a Gretsch Nashville Chet Atkins signature guitar. Actually I should describe further it’s actually a Reverend Horton Heat Signature Guitar which is based off of a Chet Atkins signature guitar. But the guitar I play is the only signature guitar in the world from a psychobilly artist. Well it was the first one. I’ve seen some others.


Psychobilly is a genre of music that was popular post-punk, so late 70’s in Europe where Europeans were emulating the American style rock and roll that they heard and they were sick of political punk music. Political punk music had become too intense, too many factions to it, but they wanted to have a punk feel and they really liked American culture.   So they absorbed American culture in punk rock music as apolitical punk rock with a rockabilly feel.


My instrumental music I do with a musician in Collinsville, a great musician named John Bartley. We play Tiki Lounge music. It’s music that was popularized whenever soldiers were coming back from World War II, and they wanted to have fond memories of the exotic times they had in Japan when they were stationed in the South Pacific. This was in the 1950’s when Hawaii was about to become a state. Jazz musicians were playing exotic sounding music in Hawaii based off of a minor 2-1 progression in jazz. They just wanted to play something that sounded exotic when soldiers were returning from the Pacific, quite a few of them with Pacific Rim wives, that would have something to take them away from all the stress that they came back to after being in the war.

Photo Credit: Thom Whitener

Q: What’s coming up for you?

A: My place of choice is the Cherry Lounge on Gravois and Neosho. I’m usually there at least once a month. I’ll sketch out a new schedule with them after the Holidays. I don’t currently have a psychobilly band, but it’s winter time and I’m taking the time to look at prospects for the summer time. Things pick up in the spring. Spring time is when everything is reborn in bands. Over the winter everyone works on everything. Gotta rehearse. Gotta practice.


Q: Do you have any CD’s, albums, or recordings coming up?

A: I do have several CD’s that I have shelved because sometimes when you’re creating original songs it’s not the right time for an audience to absorb what you’re talking about. But I think that some of the Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell records will be released in the next couple years. They’re a little too revolutionary for people right now as far as subject matter. But I see things happening in world events that will make people understand more of what the songs are written about. I see them being released in a couple of years.

Photo Credit: Thom Whitener
Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell and Johnny Saint and the HellRazors have that same Hell theme. PsychoBilly is apolitical, as I was mentioning, so all of the subject matter for my psychobilly bands has always been of a theological nature, just talking about religion or the dichotomy that everyone experiences with religion. Good versus evil.

Q: What do you see as the future of your music?

A: Basically I don’t think psychobilly will ever die. I don’t think it will ever become extremely main stream, but I see it getting popular in culture and I also see a revolution of swank Tiki lounge becoming more popular. These are my predictions.


Q: Anything more you like to add?

A: I also buy and sell guitars at the Guitar Center on Watson Road. And I also mix cocktails at the Cherry Lounge on weekends. I’d be happy for people to come visit me at these places.


Johnny provided links to his music: